Joe Biden released his law records and it showed he graduated 76th out of 85 students. Just let that sink in! I bet at least 5 or 6 of those students out of the 85 stop coming to class. And maybe another 3 or 4 were stoned, and just did not give a damn. That would mean Joe Biden finished butt naked last in a class of 85.
It seems like Joe Biden and those who support him set aside special times to humiliate themselves regularly. Joe Biden recently compared the so-called attack on January 6 to slave owners. Joe Biden is about as sharp as a basketball. If Joe Biden and his supporters were twice as smart as they are they would still be stupid. In the past I have referred to Joe Biden and his supporters as imbeciles, and morons. But I would like to take this time to apologize to all imbeciles and morons. Joe Biden and his supporters are idiots. Because an idiot has an IQ of 0 to 25. A imbecile has an IQ of 26 to 50. A moron has an IQ of 51 to 70. I have listen to Joe Biden closely since his days of hiding in the basement while pretending to run for president. And after close examination I have come to the conclusion that he truly is an idiot. Joe Biden was not the brightest bulb even in his glory days. He lied about graduating at the top of his class. While Joe Biden was in Claremont, New Hampshire around April 3, 2020. Joe said to a man, ″I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do”.  Joe Biden said that he had finished at the top of his class. But when this idiot released his law school records. He was not even as smart as Obama, who was smart enough to use a fake Birth Certificate. At least that way we will never know the truth. Joe Biden released his law records and it showed he graduated 76th out of 85 students. Just let that sink in! I bet at least 5 or 6 of those students out of the 85 stop coming to class. And maybe another 3 or 4 were stoned, and just did not give a damn. That would mean Joe Biden finished butt naked last in a class of 85. So this is why when you listen to Joe Biden during and interview he seems so lost. Joe Biden was asked by a reporter from CBS if he had taken a cognitive test. His response proves all you need to know about his mental state. After being asked the question Joe says "No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man,"  What is strange about that, is that Joe Biden was asked about a cognitive test back in June of 2020. He then said “I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested,” then he says “Look, all you got to do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.” You will notice whenever someone ask Joe a question that he is not comfortable with he becomes agitated. Because in the interview with the CBS reporter, who happens to be black. Joe follows up his statement "No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man,”. "That's like saying you, before you got in this program, you're taking a test whether you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?" Does that seems a little odd for a presidential candidate to make a statement like that. This should be even more alarming that the Left who is always talking about being “WOKE”, are not offended. Is he saying all blacks take cocaine, or that they are junkies? Also remember that the media, and many of the candidates questioned Joe Biden’s mental state during the debates. Now they are pretending that Joe is in his right mind. During one of the debates Julian Castro had an exchange with Joe Biden. Julian Castro was bringing in to question if Joe had forgotten what he said 2 minutes earlier. The crowd reacted because they knew what Castro was implying. But the democrat strategist, and corrupt media wants you to believe, that it is the Right, who is questioning Joe’s cognitive mental state. Would you feel safe allowing Joe Biden to manage your business? Even if you had a small business with 20 employees. Do you want Joe making decisions about your companies financial future? We have over 24 million employees that work for your government. You think Joe Biden can manage that? Look at who works in his administration? Listen to Jen Psaki and you should know that he has not hired the sharpest people. Would you allow Joe Biden to drive you on a Dangerous Cliffside Road? Hell would you allow Joe Biden to babysit your dog or Horse? Yet your media, your elected officials, your intel community, and social media platforms. All have conspired to cheat to allow this idiot to become president. A man that even Cory Booker after one of the debates questioned Joe’s mental decline. Joe Biden finished fourth in Iowa and finished fifth New Hampshire during the Primary's. The corporate donors started scattering like roaches when a light comes on. But because Bernie Sanders who is a naked communist was on the verge of winning. The other losers in the Democrat Party who had no chance of winning stepped aside to promote mentally challenged Joe. What has Joe Biden really ever accomplished in 48 years of being a politician? Anything that he had supposedly accomplished, he has since apologized for. Things like the crime bill, and standing with the segregationist. So he has done nothing in 48 years that he can say I’m proud of. A broke clock can be right twice a day for 48 years. Yet Joe Biden and his idiot supporters can not name 5 things that this idiot has done in 48 years. This is why I call Joe Biden and his supporters idiots. Not moron’s or imbeciles. Calling Joe Biden, and his supporters moron’s or imbeciles is an insult to imbeciles, and morons. I don’t need the dishonest media, or the lying so-called fact checkers telling me that Joe has not lost his mind. Anyone with an IQ of 26 and above can see it clearly now that the fog is gone. But we know if you are an idiot your IQ is 25 or less. So I’m not shocked that his supporters don’t get it. But if they were honest you would know that they know, Joe’s mind is gone. They are all liars, and to damn corrupt to admit Joe Biden’s mind is trash. What they are really saying to you is, ignore your eyes. Pay no attention to what you see and hear. They are saying “we will tell you what you see and hear.” They want you to feel comfortable putting Joe Biden in charge of the world’s most dangerous nuclear arsenal. That should scare the hell out of you. This idiot by the name of Joe Biden could not even finish quoting one of the most iconic parts of the Declaration Of Independence. He said and I quote “we hold these truths to be self evident, all men and women are created by the, you go, you know the thing”. That should have been enough to sit Joe down and say “we are taking you out of the game”. He should have been placed in a retirement community after that statement. You see it is possible that Joe is so far gone that he does not realize that his mind is shot. Love ones, and people in his Party should not have ever allowed this man to run for office. He can not even walk a dog without getting injured. He can’t chew gum and change the television channel at the same time. He can’t even walk up Air-Force One without fallen down at least 3 times. And I can assure you this is not the first time this idiot has fallen down. Biden supporters should be embarrassed, but they are suffering from the same thing as Joe. Their IQ is not above 25 so therefore they can not make sound judgments. What this also means is that Bernie Sanders and his supporters are imbeciles. Because for the last two presidential elections, they have cheated on Bernie. Now I know why Bernie Sanders stays with the democrats even though he is suppose to be an independent. He and his Hilda Beast wife are getting rich. But why would Bernie supporters keep sticking with a party that cheats on your candidate? They only answer I can come put with is that they are imbeciles bordering on being idiots. Because if you fool me once by lying to me, that first one is on the liar. But if I allow you to lie to me 2 or 15 times after the first lie, well that’s on me for trusting you again. And this is why I have no respect for for Joe Biden supporters. He has not done a damn thing to help you in 48 years. It can even be argued that he has done things to hurt you for 48 years. But these idiots are saying Joe will get it right in his 49th year. That is a person with a low IQ. These are people that will tell you to ignore everything your eyes see. If he mixes up his wife with his sister, it was a simple mistake. Don’t pay attention to the things Joe Biden has said. At one debate Joe Biden was asked about what Americans need to do today to repair the legacy of slavery in our country. Joe Biden attempted to answer the question, and it was embarrassing to listen to. He started off by saying that there is institutional segregation in the country. Which he and most of the other democrats were a part of. He then begins to lie. He says that was about the time he got involved with stopping segregation. No one can look at what Joe Biden did to side with racist segregationist. And come back with the conclusion that Joe Biden was fighting for black people. Jack Greenberg who was a civil rights lawyer, and was also the director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. He was committing on a Bill that Joe Biden signed to stop desegregation. He said the bill “heaves a brick through the window of school integration,”. So I guess it could be argued that Joe Biden a man that lives in a glass house. Was the person responsible for throwing bricks at the progress of the civil rights movement. But also and most importantly what the media and so-called leaders are insisting that you do is ignore facts and evidence. Joe Biden actually continued during one debate, in which he made no since while giving his answer. He said “we need to bring social workers into homes”. “To teach their parents how to raise their children.” He says “it’s not that they don’t want to help” referring to black parents. He says “they don’t know what to do”. In other words the racism that he an other democrats have done to blacks in the past. He is saying the real problem black parents don’t know how to raise their children. Not that Joe and the clan was using Jim Crow Laws to hold them back. Then he says in that same debate “play the radio, make sure that the television“ excuse me” make sure the record player is on.” The question was what do we need to do in order to repair the legacy of slavery in this country. And this is the answer this imbecile, I”m sorry” this idiot Joe Biden comes up with. The interview that Joe Biden did with CBS, and we mention earlier when referring to the cognitive test. Joe Biden said "If he can't figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion, I don't know what the hell he's talking about," I believe this was in reference to Donald Trump criticizing him. And so this is why I say that Joe Biden is an idiot. And if your leader is an idiot and you can’t see just how big of an idiot he is, then that makes you a bigger idiot. In order for anyone to believe Joe Biden is competent. They would have to have an IQ lower than the idiot that is deceiving them. In order for a Magicians tricks to work. They must create an illusion or a diversion. There has been nothing that Joe Biden, the Media, or his Handlers have done to create an illusion of Joe being smart. You can have an IQ between 26 and 50 which is consider a imbecile and still see Joe is as sharp as a bowling ball. So that means you have two kinds of Biden supporters. Those who IQ puts them in the class with idiots, and that is 25 and below. Or option number two is that they are so vile, evil and corrupt that they are willing to ignore the Biden families wicked past. The sad part about the so-called objective journalist who interview Joe Biden. They treat him as if he is a 4th grader. Even hack jobs like “Chrissy” Wallace from Fox News sucks up to the idiot known as Joe Biden. Chris Wallace who criticized Donald Trump for keeping his campaign promises. Said that Joe Biden won the election so he has a right to do certain things. At the same time “Chrissy” Wallace who is more corrupt than his father was. He never said since Trump won he has an obligation to do what those who elected him wants done. But Chrissy Wallace during the so-called interview was begging Joe Biden to insult Trump. Because Joe Biden after being shown a clip of Donald Trump saying Joe will not be in charge if he wins. Joe said he will resist saying what he wants to say and Chrissy Wallace attempted to coerce Joe into saying what was on his mind. Not that Joe could remember what was on his mind. But when Donald Trump was being interviewed by the corrupt media. One of the criticisms they had of him is that he insults people too much. And I must say everyone Trump insulted were begging for it. Then at the end of the interview of Chrissy Wallace and Joe Biden. Which if Joe had asked Chrissy to Monica Lewinsky him he would have. He calls Chrissy, Chuck and Chrissy thought it was funny. Think about the way that scumbag Chrissy has kissed up to Joe Biden and other liberals, and it took Joe 13 years to go on his show. Proving that Chrissy has a low IQ, and that he is completely corrupt also. By: The Doctor Of Common Sense