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Every once in awhile there is some one who comes along that has a mission, a goal for CHANGE…. a positive CHANGE that a nation can thrive on!

That man in the 21st Century is ET Williams The Doctor of Common Sense, aka the JUNK YARD DOG. He speaks the RAW truth, he is unapologetic , and has the KAHUNAS to say what others are scared to say! You might know him from his book “Whatever Happen To Common Sense”, maybe from his Youtube station where he has over 2.5 million views, or seen or heard him featured on some of the top news sites in the country.


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What people are saying about the Doctor:


“Elmer Williams a Man of Honor, Integrity, and Common Sense”
James David Manning, aka Pastor Manning


“ET Williams Driving Blacks to Common Sense”
Joyanna Adams


“E.T. Williams, our favorite Doctor of Common Sense”
Bare Naked


“Mr. Williams, a great nomination for Secretary of State, if not higher office!”


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