Cleveland Cop Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl in the Hospital


He deserves the death penalty.  Sick fuck.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A former Wayne County probation officer and former Montville police officer was indicted this week on charges of raping a 7-year-old girl while at University Hospital.

A Cuyahoga County grand jury indicted 34-year-old Carl Kannenberg Tuesday, charging him with four counts of rape in which he is accused of sexually assaulting the young girl several times.

Three counts happened during an incident at University Hospital in February while his victim was wearing a hospital gown, according to the indictment. A fourth occurred prior to that at another location.

Kannenberg, of Brunswick, was arrested July 12.

He was not working at the hospital at the time the attacks occurred, but was visiting a patient there, Joe Frolik, spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Hospital personnel helped report the incident to police, according to Frolik.

“Patient safety is our highest priority. UH takes the safety of our patients very seriously,” University Hospitals Spokeswoman Alicia Reale said. “We are continually refining and strengthening our protocols to maintain a safe environment for our patients and their families.”
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  1. Diana says:

    This is disgusting. What is even worse is that this case was dismissed back in February. The pervert got away with it. Here’s the article talking about it. PLEASE, make a follow up video about it so that we can raise awareness.

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