About E.T. Williams

E.T. Willaims“Hello and welcome to Common Sense TV. I’m your host, the Doctor of Common Sense.”

What follows his trademark introduction is political commentary on steroids, raw and unfiltered truths about what’s happening in the world spoken as only E.T. Williams is able: with unmatched insight, logic, and wit.

E.T. reports on the day’s top news stories and attacks the issues head-on with his honest, truthful opinions, each and every one of them guaranteed to both annoy and confound the faint-hearted, the sensitive and the liberal. He cuts through the bullshit with a scalpel. (He is a doctor!) Not trying to please anyone, he informs and entertains us all. Behind those sunglasses, E.T. sees things for what they are and he has the courage to say exactly what he thinks.

E.T. Williams is an internationally acclaimed political commentator and the host of several youtube channels, most notably The Doctor of Common Sense and TheTruthDamit. Unquestionably the most authentic and humorous news broadcaster, E.T. has also authored two books, Whatever Happen(ed) To Common Sense and Your Cow Is Not Holy.